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The Farm

KGW comes from an avant-garde farm located outside of Agra and we doing Organic Farming to avoids chemical pesticides and fertilizers and seeks to increase soil fertility ... quality and yields which are as good as these achieved using modern techniques as agricultural production.There is no need of adding some nitrogenous fertilizer as supplement. ... Between these hedge Rows , crops are sown.and in Dairy farming we use The cutting-edge technology used in milking and bottling makes the milk clean and safe. By continuously storing the milk at 4 degrees till the time it is ready to be transported to you the natural goodness of the milk is retained. The cows are fed green fodder, freshly harvested from nearby fields, in order to enhance the nutritional value of the milk. The free stall system at the farm allows the cows to eat whenever they are hungry to support their energy requirement all day long. The cows are fed chemical-free, green fodder. The farm also ensures that the cows are raised in hygienic, environmentally sound conditions. No hormones are injected in the cows to boost the milk production. After all, healthy cows make healthy milk!


KGW Foods and Beverages Pvt Ltd.